Clyde Xi – One of our “Local Champions”

Clyde Xi, Mossy Foot ChampionLast Thursday, we had the privilege of having Clyde Xi, one of our Directors-at-Large, come to visit at our monthly Board of Directors Meeting. Shown in the photo to the left are our founders, Jim and Sharon Daly, along with Clyde, and Bill Osgood, our current Board Chairman.

Clyde Xi  came out all the way from Columbus, Indiana to meet the rest of our Board as well as to make plans for taking a group to visit Ethiopia later this year.
Clyde exemplifies one of our “Local Champions”, who work heartily at garnering support for the Mossy Foot Project among friends and colleagues in his locale, even organizing local events to raise awareness. As there is no way we can be so many places all at once, Local Champions will become increasingly important to growing our cause.
Will others of you consider taking on this role? Contact us!