Meet Endrias!

Endrias when he first came to the Mossy Foot Clinic

Two years ago Sharon Daly, President of the Mossy Foot Project, first reported from Ethiopia about meeting Endrias.

“We met Endrias several days ago at one of our clinic sites.  He said that it takes him 2 hours to walk to clinic due to his sick feet, so yesterday we decided to go to his home.  We drove off the main road about 20 minutes, then the road became impassible.

Our guide said that it was only a 20 minute walk. About an hour later, after walking up and down hills, and on paths through plowed fields, we arrived. My own feet are blistered and sore from the shoes I was wearing. It makes me appreciate the effort Endrias, and so many of our patients, make to get to a clinic. It gave me more incentive to dream about opening new clinics to better serve the need of so many patients like Endrias.”

Endrias is now healthy and able to do many things he couldn't do before

Endrias is now healthy and able to do many things he couldn’t do before

Endrias’s story didn’t end here. Sharon was able to introduce Endrias to Bill and Tani Austin of the Starkey Hearing Foundation when they were in Soddo to film a documentary for Operation Change. This proved a turning point for Endrias, who had previously lived a life of rejection, pain, and sorrow. Because of his debilitating disease, he was not able to attend school or participate in any activities.

Now due to the generosity of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Bill’s personal commitment to this young man’s healing, Endrias is living and flourishing in Minnesota, learning English, and growing in health daily.

Endrias was featured in episode 8 of Operation Change, which you can watch on their site.  In this brief follow up feature, you can see how he is living now and see first hand the transformation in his life.

Endrias works with a private teacher who is coaching him in English.

Endrias works with a private teacher who is coaching him in English.

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  1. LOVED THIS EP. so glad the people were able to get help and educate them on the sickness. i was heartbroken when the kids werent aware of the causes of it. Endrias was so optimistic and always upbeat. I wonder how the Woman with the house being restored, the Injera business. would like to know how they have become!

  2. I’ve been watching Operation Change each week. This show warms my heart and relieves my soul that so much good is still in our world. I love every episode, but this one literally made me cry. I went to work the next day and when people complained about the long lines at Caribou, the weather or the insane MN construction, I thought of Endrais. I explained to each complainer about Endrais. Endrais has a million dollar smile and such a wonderful spirit. I am so thankful he recieved the help he so desperately needed. I am also glad he is doing so well in his recovery. The Starkey foundation and the Austin family amaze me. I would love to be able to bring such joy and kindness to others as part of my daily job. Thank you for sharing your stories via Operation Change, but thank you for all that you do for all the amazing people in our world who can do for themselves. Best wishes Endrais, your smile makes me happy and I will not forget your story. Best of luck, from a fellow Minnesota resident!

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