Mossy Foot at Rotary Symposium

Our President, Sharon Daly, was a workshop speaker at a Rotary District conference in Santa Maria, California this past weekend. The Symposium To Eliminate Poverty Sustainably (STEPS) was the perfect place to spread the word about mossy foot, a disease of poverty. The Mossy Foot Project seeks to treat the medical malady of those with…

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SHOES… the Key to Mossy Foot Prevention

Since 2005, the Mossy Foot Project has been championing and participating in the distribution of shoes to children in Ethiopia with the intent of preventing the onset of Mossy Foot disease. Since then, tens of thousands of pairs of shoes have been distributed. With all those shoes we have not discovered one single case in…

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A New House for Tarikwa

The impact of mossy foot disease is far wider than the health issue that presents such a visible need. Hundreds of women have been abandoned by their husbands as a result of the stigma associated with this disease, leaving them with no means to live and support themselves and their children. Due to a generous…

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