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The good news about Mossy Foot is that the condition is highly treatable. Not only that, but in the majority of cases simple, inexpensive treatment has dramatic results.

Typically, treatment entails:

  • Foot hygiene: regular washing the legs and feet with soap, water, and antiseptics
  • Regularly moisturizing the skin with a simple skin cream and treating between the toes with anti-fungal ointment
  • Using elastic bandages (for more swollen legs)
  • Elevating feet at night
  • Wearing socks and shoes

If the disease is treated early, the patient’s feet and legs can return to a normal size. Patients with advanced disease show great improvements if they follow the same program, but it may be difficult to get back to a completely normal-looking foot. The aim for these patients is that the disease is controlled such that they can wear normal shoes, earn a living, and be accepted back into their society.

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