Building Project

Land for Headquarters

Land for Mossy Foot Project Headquarters

A few years ago, the Ethiopian Government designated a parcel of land for use by the Mossy Foot Project to develop a campus for administration, treatment, training, and research. The parcel is located in the north section of Soddo, Ethiopia along a main road which goes to the government hospital.

This is a very exciting development not only because  our capacity  to serve those in need will increase, but also because we will be able to expand vocational training for our healed and healing mossy foot patients and enable them to increase their standard of living.

It has taken some time to resolve ownership of the land, but our initial work of building a surrounding wall and gate, a pit latrine, and a guard house is now complete.

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Further development of the property will include multiple phases.

  • Phase I will be designed and built with the purpose of moving the current Mossy Foot headquarters onto the property. It will include a greeting area, offices, clinic, storage area, large multi-purpose room for meetings and training, a shoe making room, bathrooms, two guest rooms, and a small kitchen.
  • The goal of Phase II will be to expand services provided in the area of shoe making and vocational training and provide support for these activities through a dormitory, wash room, kitchen facilities and so on.
  • Phase III will provide for the addition of two housing units for visiting expatriate workers.

Our project architect has developed an attractive and flexible design and now we are ready to build as funds become available. Watch this video to see how the design is currently unfolding.