Key Events in Mossy Foot History

To read a detailed description of the early history of the Mossy Foot Project by one of the first project employees, click here.

1997: The Mossy Foot Project was established in 1997 by Dr. Nathan Barlow. It soon became a project associated with local community organizations and began the process of learning how to help those afflicted with mossy foot.

2000: The Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association (MFTPA) was established as an official NGO in Ethiopia to continue this work.

2004: Four clinic sites were fully operational meeting the needs of patients.

2005: The Mossy Foot Project  work grew to 15 clinic sites treating the afflicted in 134 villages.

2006: Mossy Foot Project applied for and was granted nonprofit status in the US as a 501c(3) organization.

2008: The Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association (MFTPA) was awarded as one of five of “Ethiopia’s Best NGO” by the Ethiopian government.

2010: Mossy Foot Project was chartered by the Ethiopian government as the first international NGO with the mission to treat and eradicate podoconiosis in Ethiopia, operating as The Mossy Foot International in Ethiopia.

2012: Starkey Foundation made an hour-long documentary of the work of Mossy Foot International in Ethiopia.

2013: Land was donated by the government for the establishment of new treatment center.

2016: Mossy Foot Project celebrated moving into the new facility built on the property donated by the government.