Our Organization

Two Ethiopian GirlsThe Mossy Foot Project is registered both as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States and a chartered NGO (non-governmental organization) in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the organization operates under the name Mossy Foot International.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Mossy Foot patients with life-changing resources through medical treatment, prevention, education, vocational training, and a message of hope.

US Staff

The US office is located in Ventura, CA and is headed by Sharon Barlow Daly (President of Mossy Foot Project) and Kevin Daly (Vice President), the daughter and grandson of Dr. Nathan Barlow, the founder of the Mossy Foot Project. Kevin has taken the position of Vice President after his father Jim Daly‘s recent passing.

Sharon and Jim Daly

Sharon and Jim share some time with village children near Soddo, Ethiopia

Ethiopian Staff

In Ethiopia, the following are key positions:

  • Zebdewos Getahun, Country Representative and Executive Director
  • Matewos Hilo, Clinic Site Director
  • Ybaltal, Health Officer

Board of Directors

Mossy Foot Project has a wonderful board of directors with diverse skills and backgrounds that provides oversight and input in the direction of the organization. The board includes the following individuals:

  • Lee Merritt, Board Chairman, retired Vice President of Finances at education institution
  • Sharon Daly, president of Mossy Foot Project, retired educator
  • Kevin Daly, vice president of Mossy Foot Project, has a juris doctorate and is a legal mediator
  • Adam Yates, Electrical Engineer in Soddo, Ethiopia
  • Nesta Campbell, an American citizen born and raised in Guyana, who worked in special education
  • Tsega Worku, MFT, Director of Counseling at an organization in Pasadena, CA
  • Marilyn Evans, a personal acquaintance of Dr. and Mrs. Barlow who has been the liaison between the Mossy Foot Project and the supporters in Downey, CA
  • Ryc Strader, an experience businessman with two earned Master’s degrees who now helps others succeed as a life coach