Holistic Care

Vocational Training

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The Mossy Foot Project provides patients with a means to earn a living outside of farming through vocational training in:

  • Custom shoe-making for mossy foot patients
  • Hairdressing
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Carpentry

Emotional and Social Support


Mossy foot patients join with clinic workers in singing.

The Mossy Foot Project strives to care for the social and emotional needs of mossy foot patients as well as tending to their physical needs. To this end, each clinic site is staffed with a social agent who provides social and emotional support in addition to a health care agent who addresses the clinical needs of each individual. Our healthcare program is administered by a trained professional.

It is important to us that each patient is treated with dignity and feels accepted and worthwhile. We gladly treat all who come to the clinic with love and dignity regardless of their circumstances.