Homes for Widows

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In 2010, the Mossy Foot Project began building homes for widows and abandoned women who are patients at the clinics.

Due to lack of education about mossy foot disease, the family members of individuals affected with the disease often believe they are contagious and no longer valuable to society.  Women are especially vulnerable and are often abandoned by their husbands. These women are left with no shelter, no food, and no care.  Many times they have children to support as well as themselves.

The homes built for these patients are modest, but provide a suitable shelter to protect from the rainy weather and hyenas that are prevalent in Ethiopia. Often Mossy Foot Project partners with the local community in the construction. We provide the metal roofing, hardware, the door and windows, and a carpenter to oversee the construction. The community provides the framework, labor, and mudding. You can read the story of building one widow’s home here.

This brief video dramatically captures the joy released when the community comes together to help a destitute widow with a new home.