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Give the Gift of Hope

  • When you purchase any of these items, the money will go directly to the important work that The Mossy Foot Project is doing in Ethiopia. For each gift you buy, a card will be mailed to you showing how your gift is being in used in Ethiopia. These gifts are great for spreading the message about Mossy Foot and restoring the spirit of charity and hope to your giving. After selecting your items, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your mailing and billing information.

Treatment Kit - $10

  • Provide a kit for a patient to take home for continued treatment. The kit includes bleach, soap, ointment and medical wraps needed to bring about healing of the affected areas. This gift empowers those suffering with the needed supplies to treat their disease.

Clinic Treatment Sponsorship - $20

  • One of the main ministries of the Mossy Foot Project is caring for people suffering with podoconiosis. For $20, you can provide the medical support crucial for a patient for one month. This truly is a gift of hope to some of the poorest of the poor.

Material for Custom Made Shoes - $35

  • Keeping patients’ feet clean and dry is an important part of the healing process. Because of swelling, shoes sold in the market are too small. The Mossy Foot Project makes custom leather shoes for our patients. Better yet, these custom shoes are made by Mossy Foot patients who are employed by the Project. Each $35 donation pays for 2 pairs of custom shoes to be hand made and delivered to patients.

Goat - $95

  • One of our goals is to break the cycle of poverty. One goat can change everything. A healthy dairy goat can give up to 16 cups of milk a day, a source of essential nutrients that growing children need. The family can sell extra milk to earn income to meet needs.

Vocational Training - $250

  • We want to provide our patients with a means of support as they receive healing for their disease. This program provides six weeks of training as well as the equipment needed for them to begin a new vocation in hair cutting and styling.

Shoe Distribution (100 Shoes) - $500

  • One of our goals is to eradicate Mossy Foot. To do this, we must put shoes on the feet of the next generation. This gift provides 100 pairs of shoes to children at risk for getting podoconiosis.

Set of 4 Tires for Mossy Foot Vehicles - $800

  • Our drivers navigate rough Ethiopian roads each week so that supplies can be delivered to our clinic sites. In the process, we go through a lot of tires. The tires on those vehicles literally bring hope to those suffering. This gift buys four replacement tires for our vehicles.

One Month Clinic Support - $2000

  • Gift the support of one of our clinics for a month. Each clinic sees an average of 200 patients per month, where they receive treatment and education, as well as spiritual and social support. Bless an entire community of Mossy Foot patients by supporting one of our sixteen clinics.

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