Children without Shoes

Many children in rural areas of Ethiopia do not wear shoes, making them susceptible to mossy foot disease

The Mossy Foot Project works on raising the level of awareness about podoconiosis in the Western world and focuses on its prevention, treatment, and eradication among those who are at risk in Ethiopia. Our work is presently centered in the town of Soddo, Wolaitta zone in southern Ethiopia.

We have been a registered NGO in Ethiopia since 2000, chartered with the mission to treat and eradicate podoconiosis, and a licensed 501c(3) organization in the US since 2006.

We provide medical treatment, education, vocational training and both social counseling and emotional support to individuals and their families who are afflicted with podoconiosis.

Mossy Foot Project takes a holistic approach to addressing this disease by providing care for whole person. Along with sharing  physical care and education to reduce symptoms, we also provide vocational training  to assist families and establish a means for livelihood, and offer income generating opportunities so they can start businesses to support themselves. In addition, we offer social counseling emotional support.

This video provides overview of the work of the Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association (MFTPA), our NGO in Ethiopia.